Friday, June 3, 2011

35th street Family Room

When we bought this house, the previous owners were using this room as a dining room. I am almost positive it used to be a bedroom, both door frames have door hinges for old doors, which we found in the garage. And the closet had been turned into a makeshift table/entertainment center.

I decided to make it into a family room, with the option of leaving the doors in case another bedroom was needed. We left the makeshift piece in the closet, fixed it up (took down the divider, fixed up some spots and paint), install can lights and use it as the tele area.

Picture from listing...

Day we closed on the house, and the movers were moving out...

Carpet tear out, paint and refinish floors...

Forgot to turn on the can lights in the tele area in the first pic, now they are on!

To another crazy day,

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