Wednesday, June 23, 2010

and this is for...

Why are you doing this?...Don't you have enough to do?...Tell me again why are you doing this? That's all I have been asked and have asked myself for over a year now on starting a blog. My answers have been all over the board and every single one was probably just an excuse not to sit down and write.
The one answer that keeps swirling around in my head is that this is just going to be my journal. How many times have I sat down in bed to write OR how many journals have I bought only to be used as a scribble pad or note book. And besides, I absolutely hate my handwriting and can't even read it myself later on.

Over a year ago I started a blog, loaded up all the pictures, gadgets and so forth just let it sit there, floating out in cyber~who~knows~where. All I could think of to "blog" on was kids, yeah yeah, my work, maybe a little warmer, getting older, bleh. When my 29th birthday was a few weeks away, the oldest of my little people asked me how old I was going to be. I told her 28 and she corrected me. Told me I was going to be 29. I, as always, laughed and blew it off and disagreed, but she was insistent on it. I picked up my phone and called a friend, who had her birthday a month earlier, laughing telling her what was going on. She tells me that I'm going to be 29. I disagreed yet again. 30 could NOT only be a year away. I was still supposed to have two years, or so I thought.... Needless to say, I was depressed for the rest of that year and didn't want to even talk about it.
Several years back, I was talking with The Mister's mother. She had said she had no problem turning 35, 40, 50, or even the upcoming 60. The only year she ever was truly upset was the year she turned 30. I, personally, thought that was crazy, at the time anyway. Why would anyone ever be upset about turning 30? Oh my... I think I am handling it worse than anyone I know of, or maybe we just don't talk about it? Who knows.... All I know is I am NOT ready for it, at all....

Since then every milestone or holiday that was coming up or had just passed, I would think "I need to start writing on that darn blog I started __ months ago..."
As I try to work on a painting bid and listen to the washer whirl away this is where I will begin this craziness in a round about way. I guess this will be to look back and maybe have snippets of things and a few pictures to go along with this... ok, ok, so alot of pics, but hey, I can't help it. Too many interesting things out there and I'm always waiting for the perfect shot.

Who knows what this will lead to or why I am doing this, evidently I don't...

To a crazy tomorrow,